· Tuna salad with mango and avocado vinaigrette €12
· Burrata salad with pistachio white garlic, tomato tartar and truffle oil €13.5
· Ingot of foie micuit with kiwi, strawberries, mango and toast €16.5
· Salmon marinated in beet tiger milk, butter, dill and fried wafer €15
· Anchovy toast 00, calçots and romesco €12
· Iberian ham with tomato bread €20
· Croquette XL and demiglacé reduction €4.5/u
· Cured beef ham cecina €16
· Vegetable wok with sesame and honey €14
· Bravas Botánico with red mojo, smoked chipotle and citrus aioli €7
· Fingers with fries €10.5
· Beef sirloin carpaccio with soil and flakes of parmesan and arugula 15€
· Bao confit gastric sauce, pickled onion and sour cream €14
· "Huevos rotos" with foie and cured meat €12
· Steak tartare with fried egg and truffle oil €16
· Iberian ham croquettes €10/4u

· Grilled picaña with padrón pepper and fries €22
· Entrecôte with padron pepper and fries €24
· Steak 1kg approx. with piquillo peppers and fries €58
· Duck magret with gastric sauce, beet cubes, cocoa and sour cream €19
· Angus burger, dried tomato, goat cheese and basil mayonnaise €17.5 
· Botánico burger, foie, mushroom sauce and fried onion €19


· Grilled squid with smoked onion and black garlic aioli €14
· Scallops in butter sauce, chili threads and yuzu spheres €16
· Grilled cod with onion cream and baby potato €17
· Balfegó red tuna tataki with white garlic sauce and toast €23
· Balfegó red tuna tartare with edamame and cream €22
· Turbot with baby potatoes and butter cream €17

· Squid rice with allioli €18/pp (minimum 2 people)
· Iberian secret rice and mushrooms €18/pp (minimum 2 people)

· Ibérica tomato, mozzarella, foie, caramelized onion, crispy parmesan and Iberian ham €16.5
· Catalana tomato, mozzarella, sausage, asparagus, confit leeks and romesco €15
· Italiana tomato, mozzarella, pistachio, burrata stracciatella, mortadella and basil oil €15
· Botánico tomato, mozzarella, roasted vegetables, arugula and padrón peppers €17
· Margarita tomato and mozzarella €11.5
· Mallorquina tomato, mozzarella, sobrasada, quail eggs, honey and caramelized onion €17
· Salami spicy, tomato , mozzarella, calabrese salami, roasted pepper and piparras €15.5

· Caramelized French toast with nougat ice cream €7
· Chocolate & orange fritters (5u) €7
· Cheesecake with cottage cheese and guava ice cream €7
· Assorted ice creams €5
· Chocolate coulant with dulce de leche ice cream €7

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